Elevate Your Event’s Table Decor: Table Skirting Design Tips and Accessories Introduction

When it comes to planning a successful event, attention to detail can make all the difference. Table skirting, often overlooked, plays a vital role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and elegance of your event’s table decor. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, a corporate gala, or a festive celebration, well-designed table skirting can create a lasting impression on your guests. In this blog, we will provide you with inspiring table skirting design tips and introduce various accessories to elevate your event’s table decor. So, let’s get started on creating a stunning setting for your next event!

The Timeless Appeal of Table Skirting

Table skirting adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any event. It not only conceals the table’s legs and structure but also provides an opportunity to enhance the overall ambiance. The classic beauty of table skirting makes it an essential element in formal gatherings, weddings, and banquets, creating a polished and refined look for your event.

Embrace Versatility with Round Table Skirting

Round tables are a popular choice for events as they foster easy conversation and a warm atmosphere. When it comes to designing round table skirting, consider these tips:
Floor-Length Elegance: Opt for floor-length table skirts to create a seamless and elegant appearance. Choose high-quality fabrics that drape gracefully to the ground, giving your tables a sophisticated touch.

  • Pleating Patterns: Experiment with various pleating patterns, such as box pleats or accordion pleats, to add texture and depth to the table decor. These subtle details can elevate the overall visual appeal.
  • Overlay Skirts: For a luxurious and layered look, consider using overlay skirts with contrasting colors or patterns that complement your event’s theme. The combination of fabrics can add an eye-catching element to your table settings.
  • Embellishments: Add a touch of glamour by incorporating embellishments like lace, sequins, or ribbon trims to the edges of the table skirts. These small accents can make a big difference in the overall elegance of the decor.

Accessories to Elevate Round Table Decor

To further enhance the look of your round table decor, consider incorporating the following accessories:

  • Table Toppers: Use exquisite table toppers made of lace or embroidered fabric to create a focal point in the center of the table. Toppers can highlight floral arrangements or decorative centerpieces, adding sophistication to the overall setting.
  • Chair Covers: Pair your round table skirting with elegant chair covers that match the theme of your event. Chair covers not only protect the chairs but also add a cohesive and polished look to the overall decor.
  • Table Runners: For a more minimalist approach, use table runners that run along the center of the round table. Table runners add a pop of color and texture, enhancing the table decor without covering the entire surface.

Create Unique Designs with Tablecloth Skirting

Tablecloth skirting offers endless possibilities for creativity and versatility, making it a perfect choice for various event styles. Here are some design ideas to inspire you:

  • Layered Look: Combine different lengths of tablecloth skirting to create a layered and dynamic look. Mix and match colors and textures to add visual interest and depth to the table decor.
  • Asymmetrical Skirts: Experiment with asymmetrical tablecloth skirting to give your tables a contemporary and artistic touch. This design is especially suited for modern-themed events, adding a unique flair to the decor.
  • Themed Skirting: Tailor your tablecloth skirting to match the theme of your event. For example, you can use burlap or rustic fabric for a country-themed event, or sequined fabric for a glamorous affair.

Incorporate Lighting into Table Skirting

Don’t underestimate the impact of lighting when it comes to table skirting. Strategically placed LED lights or fairy lights can transform the look of your skirting and create a mesmerizing glow. Consider using battery-operated lights for convenience and safety, especially for outdoor events.

Mix and Match Colors and Textures

The key to creating an elegant table skirting design is to play with a mix of colors and textures. If you’re using a monochromatic color scheme, vary the shades to add depth and dimension. For a more vibrant and dynamic look, pair complementary colors together. Don’t hesitate to use contrasting textures, such as smooth satin against a rustic burlap, to create a visually appealing contrast.

Answering Popular Queries on Table Skirting

What are the things needed in table skirting?

To set up table skirting, you’ll need appropriate fabric or skirting material, scissors, pins or clips for attaching the skirting securely, and a measuring tape to ensure the correct dimensions.

What are the 5 basic styles of table skirting?

The five basic styles of table skirting are shirred, box pleat, accordion pleat, spiral, and waterfall. Each style offers a unique look and can be tailored to suit your event’s theme.

What are the 7 basic styles of table skirting?

The seven basic styles of table skirting include shirred, box pleat, accordion pleat, spiral, waterfall, café, and double waterfall. These styles provide various options to match different event themes.

What are the 4 types of table skirting?

The four types of table skirting are polyester, satin, spandex, and burlap. Each material offers different textures and finishes, allowing you to choose the best option for your event’s style.

Which is the most commonly used table skirting style?

The shirred style is the most commonly used table skirting style. Its gathered appearance and easy setup make it a popular choice for various events.


Table skirting is more than just a functional covering for tables; it’s an opportunity to infuse elegance and style into your event’s decor. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a corporate event, or a private gathering, the right table skirting design can set the tone and ambiance for the entire occasion.

So, get inspired with the tips and design ideas mentioned above, and explore various accessories to elevate your event’s table decor. For a wide selection of elegant table skirting options, don’t forget to check out our collection. With the right table skirting, your next event is sure to be a resounding success, leaving your guests in awe of the thoughtful and exquisite table settings. Check out our selection of table skirting, checkered tablecloths, or rectangular tablecloths for your next event and create a memorable experience for your guests!

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