How Coast Linen Services Protects Your Business from Viruses

Laundry services through Coast Linen Services keep linens clean of viruses and bacteria. If you’re in the restaurant business, you can benefit from our professional processes and delivery.

We know how important the verified, consistent cleanliness of your business’s linens and uniforms are. Our inventory is designed to fulfill those needs, and our cleaning and monitoring procedures ensure that they’re taken care of.

With Coast Linen Services, you can start your day confidently knowing that your employees and patrons are safe. Here are just some benefits to utilizing laundry services from Coast Linen Services:

Professionally Clean, Safe, And Stylish Linens

A table top is the sharing arena of your restaurant. It is the backdrop by which your creations are presented to guests and consumed. If it is bare, it is cold, hard, and doubtfully shared. That does no favors for your guests’ experience and comfort.

Problems With Bare Tables

A bare table is not only uncomfortable, it is unsafe. Unless your employees are trained to correctly use a strong surface disinfectant after every visit, you’re taking risks. Bare tables are dangerous if not properly cleaned constantly and can hold onto harmful germs.

They’re also loud, and your restaurant is made louder for every table without a tablecloth. By reflecting noise instead of absorbing it, any sound made at the table can be heard by the whole restaurant. A bare table is unsafe and an amplifier of noise.

How Professionally-Managed Tablecloths Help

Professionally-managed tablecloths are always clean. If you’re replacing them every day, then you’re doing more than enough to protect your staff and customers. Problem is, if the company you’re trusting to clean them isn’t doing a thorough enough job, then your customers are still at risk.

That’s why you should only trust a qualified, experienced industry-professional like Coast Linen Services.

Professional Napkin Services Keep Customers Safe

For the same reasons that professional tablecloth services keep customers safe, professional napkin services do the same. With industry knowledge and the experience of more than a half-century, we know what true cleanliness requires. From thorough cleaning to protected transportation and delivery, no stage of the process is lacking with Coast Linen Services.

What Professional Napkin Services Can Do For Your Business

With a large factor in virus transmission being a touch of the eyes, nose, or mouth after contact with an infected surface, providing quality napkins to your patrons can keep them safer than you’d expect.

In times of contagious outbreak, people are generally weary of touching their faces, but the habit powerfully remains. Providing a comfortable, clean napkin to buffer any face touching will keep them safe.

Coast Linen Services Is Here To Help

In times of uncertainty, it’s important to remember what the safe, sure things are. Coast Linen Services tries every day to be a pillar of support for our customers. That means you can rely on us as much as we rely on you. That’s our promise, and one we’ll uphold with everything we have.

Above all else, we are here to support your business. For more information,  call at 732-775-2000 or contact us here.

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