In NJ?  if your staff if your staff is visible to the public you have to ensure that they project the right image. In most businesses – restaurants, auto repair shops, bars, gyms, a small chain of greengrocers, pharmacists, electricians your staff comes into contact with your customers every minute of the day.

It follows that in order to project the right image and promote your brand, your staff all have to look the same – smart, positive and just happy to help – and the best way you can achieve that is with a the right uniform.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a one-off butcher shop. If your staff appears as though they mean business and are able to create the result that your customer wants, then that customer will return to you time and again. That is what our ASAP Linen, NJ uniform rental service is intended to achieve.

Chef coats, pants, aprons, bar mops and even custom floor rugs here at Steve’s meats.