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Modern, Vintage & More: Ideas for Decorating Your Dining Room
Posted Oct 04, 2017 by Jacob Smith

What’s your favorite room in your house?

Maybe you’re a foodie who loves to cook and spends hours of your day in the kitchen.

Maybe you enjoy hosting a book club or social gatherings in your giant living room.

Maybe you love the solitude of the bedroom or bathroom. Who knows. But for us, it has to be the dining room.

Dining Room Decor Ideas

Dining Room Decor Ideas

That might not come as a surprise from a tablecloth manufacturer, but think about it—is there a more underrated room?

Seasonal Dining Room Table Linen

The living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms all get so much more attention in comparison. The dining room effectively serves two purposes—dining, or occasionally being a space to move through to get to the other rooms. So what is your dining room doing in the meantime?

We’ll tell you what it should be doing—looking beautiful. A well-designed dining room can lend a lot to the personality of your home. You can really liven yours up with some custom products like pillows, runners or tablecloths.

That’s why we’ve put together this custom style guide for decorating your dining room and giving it a feeling of personal comfort. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your dining room when not in use.

Your tablecloth is the first thing that a lot of guests notice in your dining room. Custom tablecloths are super trendy in modern homes. Your colors, patterns and fabric all say something about the personality of the room.

Seasonal Dining Room Table Linen

Give your dining room a seasonal twist with floral patterns for the spring, aquatic patterns in the summer or snowflakes for the winter. You can even tailor it to a specific holiday or theme, such as stars & stripes for national holidays or shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day.

Suggested fabrics: The fabric itself also says a lot about the dining room design. For a durable tablecloth that will see a lot of use, we suggest a signature fabric. For something a little more upscale and tailored for display, we suggest an Italian linen or rice weave.

Cushion Covers
For modern style and comfort, custom cushion covers are a lovely touch. Coordinate their colors and designs to your custom tablecloth and you’re on your way to a total dining room makeover.

Suggested fabrics: A brushed velour or signature fabric is perfect for cushion covers that will be seeing a lot of use. If you want to communicate a little classier vibe, we suggest an Italian linen or rice weave to match your custom tablecloth in texture.

Custom table runners can be used with or without a tablecloth. With it, they give your tablecloth (and dining room as a whole) a nice accent. They’re highly visual and provide some contrast to the room. A solid color table runner that complements a repeated design is a really popular look these days that combines elements of both modern and vintage style. Without a tablecloth, runners put a new focus on the table itself with a touch of custom care.

Accent Table Runner

Accent Table Runner

Suggested fabrics: Signature fabrics on runners are similar to what many restaurants use these days. But for an added feel of elegance, we would suggest a satin runner. You can go even more refined if you want with a rice weave fabric. However, if you’re looking to keep it simple, a burlap runner is versatile and goes well with any themed design.

Custom pillows give a dining room a vintage accent that stretches back to the turn-of-the-century era. These were days when dining room dinner parties were high-profile social affairs and seating throughout the room was at a premium.

Suggested fabrics: The two most popular pillow fabrics we see are brushed velour (very soft and comfortable) and polyester (with a simple, classic look and feel). Coordinating their color and design to either your custom tablecloth or runner can make your dining room seem more complete.

When it’s time to actually dine in your dining room, you’ll need some tasteful napkins to present and use. Napkins are a very subtle touch to the overall dining room design. But like most subtle touches, they can really put the end design over the top when used well. Napkin colors can either match or complement the main colors in your color scheme (usually the runner).

Fun Napkin Design for Dining Room

Fun Napkin Design for Dining Room

Suggested fabrics: As for fabrics, we suggest poplin or signature for standard use. Once again, Italian linen, rice weave or even bengaline are ideal for fancier occasions.

Lastly, placemats are the final accent to a dining room once it’s time to entertain.

Suggested fabrics: We suggest a signature fabric for a practical occasion. They can match the runner and/or napkin designs, but you’ll typically want to use something with a lot of contrast to the custom tablecloth itself to prevent marking.

We hope that this style guide inspires you to give your dining room a second look. Take each piece from it here and use your imagination to create a dining room that (rather than staying in the background of your home) jumps out and demands attention with a beautiful design.

When it comes to beautiful designs, of course, we are here to help you find and realize that interior décor vision. Give us a call at 888.503.6635 or contact us here via our website to discuss your dining room design ideas.

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