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 Every detail matters. Because every detail is a reflection upon your brand. This is why forward-thinking companies customize everything from pillows to ice cubes at their events. Even the most traditional companies know the value of meshing new with old to present their brand and all it stands for in new and exciting ways.

Use these unique corporate event décor ideas to extend your creativity—providing guests with an unprecedented corporate event experience at an affordable rate.

Custom Corporate Event Ideas

Welcome Banner—Make Your Mark

When guests arrive to your open house or any corporate event, invite them to sign a gigantic welcome banner with sharpies in your company color. Paired with a tasty appetizer waiting for them as they step through the entryway, there is no better way to show that you appreciate them taking the time to attend. Each guest is special and important, so let them make their mark.

Holiday Cheer Linens with Snowflakes

Extend Corporate Holiday Cheer At Dinner

Take advantage of positive association by serving your employees mouthwatering food at tables overflowing with corporate pride. The perfectly textured sheen of our linens is just waiting for your company branding and spirit. Table runners, tablecloths, table squares and full linens welcome your logo and personal style displayed in various ways:

  • Repeated Pattern: Perfect for highlighting and celebrating numbers, such as years in business. Try a snowflake pattern embellished with your company logo and date of establishment.
  • One Bold Image: Table squares are a great place to stamp your mark in one eye-catching design.
  • Completely Custom: Tablecloths provide a vast template for your creativity and corporate pride to shine, so design a completely unique pattern.

Relax With Corporate And Local Pride

If your company is proud of its headquarters or service in a particular region, make your company’s brand the background for comfortable pillows. When guests sit back and relax, it is the perfect time to remind them that you are here to support them and the whole community.

We suggest setting up a lounge area with plenty of comfy chairs and couches with these custom pillows. Guest should feel like they can hang out free of any worries or time constraints. And you should too! Our pillows are printed on both sides so you don’t have to worry about keeping them perfectly set.

Custom Chair Cushions Deliver A Key Message

Piped on the top and bottom and printed on both sides with a message you don’t want employees to forget anytime soon—not only are these valuable decorations, but they can also be used in the office. Save these to put in a conference or meeting room and remind employees of the good times had at your office party.

Cheers To New Ideas

Guests will know they are in for something special when they see the custom decorated bar illuminated with bright lights. LED lights shine the spotlight on a sign decorated with your company logo and colors. Drinks are a time for making memories and sharing laughs, so there is no better place to celebrate in style than around the bar.

At the very exciting time of a product launch, give guests the added surprise of custom ice cubes in their drinks. Designed with the name of the product or launch slogan, these are a great way to continue to encourage further creativity and innovation among employees.

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